Consider These Creative Ways to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC UnitOutdoor HVAC units are generally very large metal boxes that contain the compressor, which prepares refrigerant to release heat at the condenser coil. These units aren’t necessarily attractive and can be an eyesore in yards, patios, and garden areas. With a little creativity, you can hide your outdoor HVAC unit in a number of different ways.

Before you begin constructing an outdoor enclosure, you should be mindful of the basic conditions the outdoor unit needs to work efficiently.

Purpose of the Outdoor Unit

In a split-system A/C or heat pump, the indoor portion of the system removes heat from your home. The heat energy is transferred to the outdoor unit using refrigerant. The condenser in the outdoor unit makes the refrigerant extremely hot and the heat is vented. It’s very important that the outdoor unit receive ample and free airflow for efficient home cooling.

Hiding Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Keeping free airflow to the outdoor unit in mind, another point to be aware of is shading if the unit is in sunlight during the day. Consider the following tips:

  • Fence – Concealing the outdoor unit with decorative fencing that integrates with your yard or landscaping design is one of the simplest ways to hide the unit. A cross hatch fence blends nicely with many landscape designs, patios and gardens, and it allows for free airflow. Popular materials are wood and vinyl, with vinyl requiring less maintenance.
  • Structure – A well-ventilated structure may be built to enclose the unit. This is also a good opportunity to utilize the structure for storing gardening tools, landscaping equipment, hoses, pool supplies, or anything else that you need easy access to for outdoor purposes. A dedicated structure will help protect the unit from direct sunlight and inclement winter weather.
  • Plants – Plant screens is a good budget-saving alternative to dedicated structures and fences. Plants may also enhance the appeal of your outdoor space. For example, a trellis with climbing plants allows for free airflow and brings your outdoor space to life.

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