Nothing to Sneeze At: Tackling Spring Allergies with HVACWhen spring arrives, the Indianapolis landscape transitions from the dreary grey of winter to the cheerier colors of budding trees and green lawns. However, no matter how much we welcome spring’s arrival, it also brings a new allergy season. This year, learn how your HVAC system can help alleviate allergies and how you can help.

Your HVAC system does more than heat and cool your home. It also acts as an air filtration system and removes pollen and other particulates as it draws fresh air into the home. To get the most allergy-reducing benefit from this, however, you must use keep the system well-maintained. Follow this checklist:

Remove debris from around the outdoor compressor

Excess dust, leaves and other organic matter surrounding the equipment can find its way inside to clog filters and diminish indoor air quality.

Call for a spring maintenance visit

During preventive maintenance visits, our HVAC technicians make sure your HVAC equipment is running most cleanly and efficiently. A maintenance visit typically includes cleaning the system of any debris, including mold, which also improves your home’s air quality.

Use top quality filters

If you suffer from allergies, never settle for substandard air filters. Most air filters have a rating listed on the packaging. This is called the MERV rating, also known as the Minimal Efficiency Reporting Value, and indicates the filter’s ability to remove particles like pollen and dust from the air. You can ask your technician for filter recommendations or choose filters rated at least 7 or 8, preferably higher.

Change filters often

The best filters in the world won’t do much good when they are clogged with dust. Don’t forget to check them each month and change them as often as necessary. Some people set up calendar reminders to help them remember this important household task.

Clean the registers

Air passing through dirty vents and registers pushes irritants into the home. Keep registers clean and unobstructed.

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