Looking for a New Air Conditioner? Use These TipsPurchasing a new air conditioner is a big step towards a more comfortable home. If you shop wisely, it is also a step towards greater energy savings. Here are several factors to consider when buying a new air conditioner.


High efficiency air conditioners manufactured today use at least 30 percent less energy than those manufactured a few decades ago. It makes sense to choose the best you can find in terms of efficiency, because the decision can pay off for the entire life of the system.

To learn how efficient a particular A/C model is, look at the SEER rating. This, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, divides the model’s cooling output by the electrical energy used in a specific period. An air conditioner rated SEER-23 is more efficient than one rated SEER-18.

To simplify your buying process, you can search for air conditioners that have qualified for the Energy Star label. This means it complies with the EPA’s strict efficiency standards.


Installing the right size helps ensure comfort and efficiency. Before shopping for your new system, don’t just rely on charts or estimates. Since buying an air conditioner is such an important investment, it is better to take the time to gather the correct data. Ask your HVAC contractor to perform a cooling load calculation to determine the best size for your home. You will avoid sacrificing efficiency and your new unit will be able to perform its function as intended.


When you buy a new air conditioner, you might be entitled to rebates from local government agencies or your utility company. Rebates and tax incentives are used to encourage people to buy energy efficient HVAC equipment because doing so benefits everyone.

Compatibility with Existing Equipment

If your furnace is old, ask a contractor check it to see if it should be replaced along with your A/C. The air conditioner will share some equipment, such as the blower, with the furnace and might lose some efficiency.

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