The Major Benefits of a Mini-Split Heat Pump for Your Indiana HomeAre you looking for a quiet, energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home? Central heating and cooling isn’t the only option, and it also may not be the best option in many cases. Check out some of the benefits a mini-split heat pump has to offer:

Room-by-Room Temperature Control

A ductless mini-split is comprised of an outdoor condensing unit, similar to a regular split-system heat pump or A/C. It’s connected to one or more indoor air handlers that contain a heat-exchange coil and fan. These air handlers deliver independent heating or cooling, as well as controls, in the room or area where they are installed. Each person can set the temperature in his or her room to whatever is comfortable for them. You can also turn up the A/C or turn down the heat in unused rooms to avoid paying to heat or cool your entire house, as is generally the case with a central HVAC system.

Easy Installation

If you don’t have central heating or cooling system already, or you need to replace your duct system to install a new central HVAC system, mini-split heat pumps are an easy alternative. The indoor air handlers can be installed in the ceiling, wall or on the floor of a room, and the outside condenser/compressor unit can be placed on a concrete pad. A relatively small hole is required through the outside wall of the house to run the conduit that contains the electrical and refrigerant lines and tubes. There’s no need to tear up your ceiling or walls to run ducts throughout your home.

No Energy Lost in Duct Leaks

Did you know that energy losses in ducts can account for up to 30 of your heating and cooling costs? When your ducts run through the attic, crawl space, wall cavities or basement, they lose heat to those unconditioned areas. Likewise, leaky ducts allow conditioned air to escape into areas where it’s not needed. Since a mini-split heat pump doesn’t employ ducts, you won’t have to worry about these energy losses.

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