Everything to Know About Manuals J, D, and SIf you’re considering a new HVAC system, knowing what Manuals J, D, and S are could help you select the best system for your home to deliver optimal comfort, lower energy bills and a long lifetime. These manuals are software tools that reputable HVAC contractors use to size and choose HVAC equipment.

Not using these tools often results in an HVAC system that’s either too large or small for any home. Equipment that’s too small won’t adequately cool or heat a home during weather extremes, and one that’s too big will condition it too quickly. Rather than improving comfort, rapid cooling or heating actually leaves a home less comfortable, leaves excessive humidity behind, increases energy consumption, and shortens the system’s lifetime.

Manual J

Your contractor should perform a load calculation for your home first, using Manual J software. This detailed exercise evaluates all the aspects of the home’s energy efficiency, its cubic footage and floor plan, heat generated indoors, solar orientation, and individual family characteristics that affect cooling and heating.

Manual D

Once the HVAC contractor learns the size for the new equipment, he or she moves onto assessing the configuration and capacity of the ductwork for each area in your home. The contractor should assess the current condition of the ducts and seal them if necessary, or replace damaged sections.

Manual S

The last step using Manuals J, D, and S software is the product suitability for a specific climate. Manual S covers the ability of different brands and models for dealing with summertime humidity. It’s more difficult to cool humid air than dry, since the equipment has to extract more moisture, which takes a good deal of energy. Some systems are more efficient at water condensation than others, and in this region, removing humidity efficiently is a major part of effective cooling.

Manuals J, D, and S all play a pivotal role in selecting your new HVAC system. To learn more, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, providing outstanding HVAC services for Indianapolis homeowners.

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