Making HVAC Elements Work with Your Interior DesignThe HVAC elements you find in your home’s interior are a good example of the principle of form following function. There is, in most cases, nothing beautiful or decorative about your thermostat, the grilles, vents or registers, or the ductless mini-split’s air handler.

Maybe you’re the type of homeowner for whom these elements are invisible, so you really don’t see them in your interior design. But for some, these elements are just downright obtrusive. Fortunately, there are ways to visually tone them down so they’re not always front and center. Following are some suggestions.

Grilles, Vents, Registers

Call these what you will, they are simply a type of metal louvered cover where your return air goes in or your supply air goes out. They may be located in the ceiling, the wall or the floor, and the main thing to remember about them is they need to be free of obstructions so you don’t impede air flow. However, there’s nothing wrong with covering them up with a decorative cast iron cover. Choose between an antique or contemporary style. There are a host of such vent covers available in the marketplace that should do the trick.


Most likely, your thermostat is located smack dab in the middle of a hall wall. That’s actually an ideal location for framing it. Find styles you like on the internet, and see if you can make paper printouts to see how they look. You might also arrange a gallery of photos or other types of artwork around the thermostat, so that the eye is drawn away from it. Another option is to build a decorative, concealing type of door or cabinet over it, so that you can open it up and set the controls as needed.

Air Handler

Ductless mini split air handlers are designed to be versatile anyway. Small and quiet, they come in models that can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or the floor. That makes them easy to conceal with other furnishings.

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