Low Water Pressure? Here's What You Should DoYou’re not alone if you and your family are dealing with low water pressure. This can complicate all sorts of household chores and routines, from drawing a bath to washing clothes to watering the garden. But what causes low water pressure and what can you do about it?

Inadequate water pressure in a home has four main causes:

  • Mineral buildup in pipes. Dirt, sand and various other materials can get into household plumbing either as a result of mineral-heavy water or because of a water main break. Over time, sediment can accumulate and block the full flow of water through pipes. Inspect a section of pipe to determine if you’ve got mineral buildup. Special plumbing solutions can be used to break down the mineral deposits.
  • Plumbing leaks. If water is leaking from pipes, both the velocity and amount of water delivered to faucets, shower heads and toilets will be reduced. So how do you know your plumbing is leaking, unless it’s happening right in front of you? Turn off all the water inside and outside your house and wait a few hours before checking to see if any water has been used. You’ll need a professional plumber to find and fix the leaks.
  • Corrosion buildup. Steel and galvanized pipes are meant to last up to two decades, but during that time, natural corrosion occurs (especially with certain types of water), and that can partially or fully block the flow of water, leading to low (or no) water pressure. Short of replacing pipes, there’s not much the homeowner can do if the pipes are corroding.
  • Outside problems. Anemic water pressure may not have anything to do with your home; it’s often the result of problems with the water supplier, usually either a city or rural water district. Sometimes it can be a temporary, solvable problem; other times it’s a chronic issue. Call your water provider and find out whether they’re having problems, and when they might be rectified.

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