future of hvacThe HVAC industry is constantly evolving. New trends and new technologies help you save energy and increase home comfort. What are some of the trends driving the industry right now? Let’s take a look at the future of HVAC and what it means for you.

Air and Ventilation Advancements

In the past, HVAC systems used Constant Air Volume systems. Air would blow at a set intensity until your home reached its desired temperature. Then the air would stop. Now, Variable Air Volume systems deliver air to your home in different quantities, depending on what’s needed. When you use variable-speed air handlers, they send less air on a mild day or more on a warmer day, cutting your bill by up to 40%.

Air filtration is improving too. The latest electronic air cleaners are up to 40 times more efficient than the regular filter that goes into your HVAC system. They can remove more than 99% of airborne contaminants from your home, down to the very smallest particles, helping you breathe more easily.

Energy Savings

One of the main factors driving the future of HVAC is saving energy. As concern over the environment increases, we need better ways to decrease our carbon footprint and lower our energy bills.

The efficiency of HVAC systems is constantly improving. The most efficient A/Cs are rated up to 26 SEER, while the best furnaces have AFUE ratings above 97%. More and more systems are being certified by Energy Star as saving more money and energy than similar models, without sacrificing features or performance.

Ductless systems are also on the rise. One of the leading causes of energy loss in HVAC, damaged ducts cause conditioned air to leak out before it reaches your home. Ductless systems eliminate these problems and can reduce your energy output by around 30%. Experts estimate that within five years, ductless systems could make up 15% of the HVAC industry.

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