Heating and cooling your home is a necessity, but in areas such as Indianapolis, where the weather can be extreme, it often can be quite expensive. You may be looking for ways to conserve energy and spend less on your energy costs, and you may have weather-stripped and caulked already. There might be something you’re forgetting: your ductwork and vents.

There are a variety of issues, related to your ductwork and vents, that can impact your home’s airflow and energy efficiency significantly, including:

  • Leaks at your furnace, filter slot or where you’ve applied duct tape previously. Duct tape is not a good product to use for connecting your air-duct system. It starts off nice and pretty, but then dries up and falls off, leaving your ductwork’s splices and junctions wide open. These openings will allow your heat and air conditioning to spill out into your crawlspace or attic, which can increase your energy bills drastically.
  • Supply leaks
  • Insulation that has fallen on ducts
  • Kinks in your ductwork, which are impeding airflow
  • Leaky duct connections
  • Furniture, draperies or other objects that are blocking your vents

When visualizing your ductwork, think of the ducts as enormous hoses that are not delivering water, but rather hot or cool air into your home.

Ducts that are not seen very often can leak for many years before your realize that’s happen. They also can become flattened, crushed or torn. Therefore, it’s important to keep your ductwork and vents in mind, and visually inspect them regularly. This will ensure that your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is working efficiently and that your conditioned air is reaching the spaces where you need it.

Another good option is to have your ductwork and vents checked by an HVAC expert annually, to ensure that they are in proper working order. What may be small issues can escalate it large problems if you don’t catch them early.

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