Learn the Importance of Buying an HVAC System, Not Just a Replacement UnitNo one wants to deal with a broken HVAC system. Aside from the discomfort that comes from losing your heat or cold air, there are all the questions. What is the best system for my house? How much should I spend? Should I just replace the broken unit or the entire system?

While the first two questions depend on your circumstances, the last one has a clear answer. HVAC professionals usually recommend replacing the entire HVAC system at one time. Although this option costs more up front, it maximizes your overall value.

System vs. Unit Explained

Why should you replace your entire HVAC system at once?

  1. The units are designed to work together. HVAC systems are made up of two units. The indoor unit has the evaporator coils and air handler, which is frequently used by the furnace as well as the A/C. The outdoor unit has the compressor, fan, and condenser. When one unit uses modern technology and the other is outdated, neither is able to give optimal performance.
  2. If one unit is worn out, the other unit probably is, too. Most likely, the two units that make up your HVAC system were originally installed together. That means that if one is old, the other is, too. While they won’t necessarily wear out at the same time, you can assume once one wears out that the other is going to reach that point soon. You’re likely to start needing repairs more often, and you will probably notice a difference in performance.
  3. You pay for each installation. When you buy the entire HVAC system, you pay once to install both units.
  4. Matching units are more efficient. When you buy a modern HVAC unit, you’ll see that it has a certain efficiency rating. This rating is based on the assumption that you’ll pair it with the manufacturer’s matching unit. If you pair with a much older unit, you’ll lose a great deal of your new unit’s efficiency and the energy savings you were expecting.

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