improving iaq in springThe spring season is absolutely gorgeous, but with the great weather comes a whole lot of dust, which can cause severe problems with your indoor air quality. The good news is that you can start improving spring IAQ with these tips:

1. Hire a Tech for an Annual Checkup

Many homeowners run into air-quality problems because their HVAC systems aren’t operating as efficiently as they should. Before you begin wiping off dust and vacuum on your floors, start by hiring a qualified technician to give your system a quick checkup.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Air Filter

If you’ve been having trouble with indoor air quality, then there’s a very good chance that a clogged air filter is to blame. Make sure that you’re checking the air filter at least once per month. If it’s dirty, you can either clean or replace it depending on its type.

3. Use a HEPA-Equipped Vacuum

If your home has carpeting, then the best way to help improve your indoor air quality is to use a HEPA-equipped vacuum cleaner. These types of filters are effective in removing 99.7% of particulates, which will greatly help maintain healthy indoor air.

4. Install Wood or Laminate Flooring

In recent years, many house — and even apartment complexes — have been switching from carpets to either wood or laminate flooring. One reason for the switch is because particles that can be hazardous to your health will have no place to hide. Plus, these types of flooring are much easier to keep clean and don’t involve the purchase of a vacuum cleaner.

5. Switch to Green Cleaning

All over the world, there’s a big push for people to use eco-friendly cleaning products around their home. Not only are they just as effective as any other type of cleaning product, they won’t release harmful chemicals into your air, thereby ensuring the quality of your indoor air.

Improving IAQ in spring will be a lot easier if you follow these simple tips. For more assistance, reach out to the friendly professionals at Mowery Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We’ve been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for 50 years.