Learn How to Tell If Your Pipes Are DamagedCertain water-temperature effects may be red flags regarding problems in your household plumbing. The hot- and cold-water systems in your house are designed to convey water at consistent, predictable temperatures. If you’re noticing poor temperature control or inconsistency in temperatures from one fixture to another, you may need the services of a qualified plumber to correct the condition. Here are some typical water-temperature effects that require professional attention.

Your Water Isn’t Hot Enough

First, the thermostat setting on the water heater may be too low. The recommended safe water temperature for most homes is 120 degrees. If the heater thermostat is set lower, your water may not be hot enough. However, because of scalding danger, don’t exceed 120 degrees.

Another cause is heat loss from uninsulated hot-water pipes, particularly those routed through cold, unconditioned zones such as the attic or a crawl space. Your plumber can help by installing insulation on exposed hot-water lines to reduce plumbing heat loss in winter.

The Hot Water in Your Shower or Bath Is Inconsistent

If the water temperature for bathing wavers between comfortable, too cold, and then back to comfortable again, there may be an issue with the pressure balancer in the shower or tub controls. This device keeps the mix of hot and cold water coming out of the shower or tub faucet equalized, even as household water pressure fluctuates, such as when someone flushes a toilet elsewhere in the house. A professional plumber can troubleshoot this problem. Often, the remedy is replacement of the internal cartridge that incorporates the mechanism that balances the shower pressure.

Inconsistent Water Temperatures Throughout the House

The long dip tube inside a water heater conveys incoming cold water to the bottom of the tank to be heated, while a shorter tube delivers hot water from the top of the tank into the main supply pipe. If the long dip tube is broken or otherwise deteriorating, cold incoming water is mixed into hotter water at the top of the tank, resulting in an unstable hot water temperature entering the main line.

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