HVAC rebates can help lower the overall cost of purchasing and installing a new heating and cooling system. With a few calculations, you can know whether the rebates being offered make it worth it to invest in a higher-efficiency HVAC system. Here’s more on HVAC rebates and incentives and how to take advantage of them.

HVAC Rebates

Power companies and government agencies offer incentives in the form of direct rebates and tax credits for certain HVAC products. The incentives are usually tied to performance and efficiency ratings.

During peak summer and winter use, the amount of power that HVAC equipment consumes often stresses the local power plants’ ability to match the demand. Utility companies and federal, state, or local governments offer rebate programs to encourage people to use higher-efficiency systems. The rebate amount increases as the efficiency of the HVAC equipment rises.

Taking Advantage of Rebates

Higher-efficiency HVAC units cost more but can lead to more rebates and incentives. But do the incentives make investing in a higher-efficiency system worthwhile?

When deciding whether a higher-efficiency HVAC system with rebates is worth its cost, it’s an excellent idea to calculate the payback expected or the time needed before the extra energy savings cover the unit’s cost. There are several apps available that can help you find out the expected payback easily. Your payback will depend on factors like:

  • Amount of incentives
  • System cost
  • Electricity cost
  • Regional climate

The incentives offered for HVAC units change frequently. You can learn the rebates and other incentives currently being offered from websites such as the Department of Energy, the federal Energy Star program, and the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

Now that you know how to take advantage of HVAC rebates, you no longer have to allow upfront costs to stop you from upgrading your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. For dependable HVAC services and products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mowery Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, proudly serving the Indianapolis area since 1970.