Do you know the truth about pets and cold weather? Exposure to winter weather can make pets suffer several discomforts, including itchy, flaking skin and chapped paws. Pets can suffer poisoning if they lick the chemicals in ice-melting agents off their bare paws. Follow these tips to keep your four-legged children comfortable and safe this winter.

Keep Pets Safely Sheltered

It’s strongly advisable to bring pets indoors with your family, or at least to build an enclosed structure for them with blankets. Outdoor pets should have a shelter that’s elevated and protects them from the wind. Keep them dry and warm by adding towels, blankets, or hay, since pets and cold weather don’t mix.

Bundle Up

Wind chills can threaten your pet’s life. During extreme cold spells, exposed skin can put pets at risk for hypothermia and frostbite. Therefore, you should get your short-haired dog a sweater or coat with a turtleneck or a high collar to keep them more comfortable. You can trim a long-haired dog, but don’t shave the dog down to its skin during the winter.

Get Rid of Poisons

Antifreeze has a sweet smell and taste that may attract your cats and dogs, but it’s lethal to them. To protect your pets from this deadly poison:

  • Use animal-friendly antifreeze.
  • Keep antifreeze out of the reach of pets and kids.
  • Wipe up antifreeze spills immediately.
  • Whenever possible, use pet-safe ice melts.

Clean Pet Paws

For long walks, carry a towel to clean off irritated or stinging paws. After every walk, wash your pet’s stomach and feet to remove salt, ice, and any chemical agents. Before venturing outside with your pet, massage petroleum jelly or paw protectants into the paw pads to protect them from salt and deicing chemicals. Booties also offer excellent protection.

Feed Them More

Cold weather usually depletes the energy of pets. Be sure to give them more food in the winter for much-needed calories.

When it comes to pets and cold weather, keep in mind that it’s likely too cold for them if you and your family find it too cold. Contact us at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing with any questions about pets and cold weather or any other heating and cooling needs in the Indianapolis area.