It’s surprising how many homeowners avoid scheduling regular HVAC service for their heating and cooling equipment. All too many homeowners wait until there is something wrong with their HVAC unit to call for help. They view preventative maintenance as an extra expense that they can just afford to not pay.

But is that true?

The fact is, scheduling regular preventative maintenance can help you catch little problems before they become big problems. Regular HVAC service can circumvent breakdowns so that you’re not stuck in the middle of a heat wave or an icy blast without a working HVAC unit. 

Here are the main reasons you need HVAC service:

  1. It helps your system run more efficiently. Things can start to go wrong with your HVAC, as parts wear out, creating friction so that the HVAC does not run as efficiently. This will add to your electric bill. The Department of Energy estimates that a well-maintained HVAC saves 30% on energy bills annually.
  2. It will help your system last longer. Your HVAC system will last longer with good maintenance. You may get years more use than you would otherwise by scheduling maintenance. What’s more, you will show that you have a good record of maintaining the HVAC unit when you decide to sell your home.
  3. It ensures your system runs more reliably. As mentioned above, preventative maintenance can catch potential failures before they leave you hanging in the midst of serious weather, and it can save you money on more expensive repairs. 
  4. It reduces your carbon footprint. A well-maintained HVAC system will run more efficiently, using less energy and reducing the homeowner’s carbon footprint. Also, you are ensuring that the handling of refrigerant for your system is in the hands of experts so that a potential chemical spill does not occur. 

How Often for Preventative Maintenance?

Generally, you should schedule preventative maintenance twice a year, in the spring and fall. The HVAC tech will be looking at different things for the cooling equipment and the heating equipment, although some systems, such as the thermostat and the air handler, are used by both.

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