Indianapolis is known for its frigid winters, and drafts associated with poor insulation can leave you shivering in your own home. Fortunately, there are plenty of home insulation options that can lower heating costs and keep your home toasty throughout the winter months.

Tackling Drafts

Any point of entry into your home from the outdoors poses the possibility of a draft. If you notice that cold air is coming in around doors, windows, or pipework, it’s important that you take action to combat these drafts to avoid a high heating bill or a chilly home. Caulking is one way to seal up holes or cracks in drafty areas. Insulating tape can be used on pipes to seal up air leaks.

Drafts that are coming from exterior walls may require insulation to be installed within the walls. Professional insulation installation is the most effective way to keep your home insulated against the cold.

Covering Windows

Windows can let the sun in during the day to help heat your home, but they also present an opportunity for cold air to bring down your home’s internal temperature. You can remedy this problem by investing in heavy curtains that can be closed after dark. Curtains provide easy home insulation and are easy for homeowners to install on their own.

Areas to Address

While drafty areas may be easy to identify, there are hidden spots in your home that could be letting in cold air without you realizing there’s a problem. Basements and attics are often overlooked areas when it comes to insulating against the cold. Fiberglass insulation or spray-in foam help to combat the cold in these prime spots for air leaks.

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