What are you looking for when shopping for a new AC? Plenty of experts give them AC ratings in magazines or on websites according to a variety of factors. Each expert rates them differently, though. How can you tell which system is really best for your home? Which criteria are most important? Here’s a guide to AC rating systems.

Factors to Consider

ACs are typically rated according to several criteria. First, overall quality: How well does the system cool your home? How long will it last with proper maintenance? This is important, but keep in mind that the best-quality systems may also be on the pricey side.

A better metric, particularly if you’re on a budget, is which systems are rated the best value. Which system will give you the most for your money? The most expensive systems aren’t always the best. There will likely be a few lower-priced models that can do just as good a job.

Look at customer ratings too. What did others who bought the same system think about it? How well does it work for them? Was it worth the money?

Efficiency Ratings

When it comes to shopping for a new system, the AC rating you should care most about is SEER. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio tells you how much cooling an AC produces for the amount of energy used over a given season. The higher the number, the more efficiently the system will run.

In Indiana, split-system ACs are required to have a minimum SEER rating of 13. However, there are systems rated up to 25. How high a rating do you need? Look for the most efficient system you can afford and definitely get one with a higher SEER rating than your current system. Also, remember that there may be rebates and other tax incentives to offset the cost of a high-efficiency system, not to mention a reduction in your energy bills.

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