Your HVAC system is a large investment that accounts for a substantial portion of your energy budget. So, you definitely want to make the right decision when choosing between the different types of air conditioners when it’s time to replace or upgrade, or when you need additional cooling. What follows are the types of air conditioners to suit your needs.

Different Types of Air Conditioners: Split System

Split-system air conditioners, often referred to as central-air systems, consist of a large unit installed outside your home, as well as an inside unit. A split system uses air ducts to supply cooled airflow to the rooms of your home.

Different Types of Air Conditioners: Rooftop Unit (RTU)

Rooftop unit (RTU) air conditioners are essentially the same as split systems when it comes to using air ducts to supply cooled airflow. However, as the name indicates, RTUs are single units installed on the roof. This type of air conditioner is preferred if you don’t have space outside for a split system.

Different Types of Air Conditioners: Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-split air conditioners don’t need bulky air ducts to cool your home. These systems consist of a low-profile outdoor unit and a couple of pipes running to the indoor air handlers. The indoor air handlers are discreetly mounted on walls or under the floor.

One outdoor unit may supply several indoor air handlers with conditioned airflow. Ductless systems are ideal for cooling room additions and outbuildings. Furthermore, if you are undertaking new construction, a whole-home ductless system will save you the cost of not installing ductwork and will offer substantial energy savings.

Different Types of Air Conditioners: Window and Portable Units

Window units and portable air conditioners represent lower-cost options that do well for cooling single rooms. However, a ductless mini-split is a better option if you don’t want an unsightly AC in your window or if you want to save the space a portable unit would occupy.

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