Chip and Heath,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for your help this week with what turned out to be my kitchen faucet “nightmare”.  You both helped me make product decisions that I am hopeful will work well for us.  You were also accommodating on the labor costs (which I so much appreciate)!  Thanks for recognizing that I am a loyal Mowery customer.

I also wanted to let you know what a wonderful service technician you have.  He was knowledgeable, courteous, funny, and cares about the happiness of the customer!  In today’s business environment, it’s hard to find folks that have those attributes.  Hang on to him ’cause he’s a good guy!

Even though Lowe’s may never let me purchase and return 10+ faucets again (and yes, that’s really what it took to get me where I am today . . . along with about 6 trips there and back!), I look forward to calling you for service when my next plumbing issue arises.

Kelly S.