Your furnace can burn itself out quickly while working hard to keep you comfortable during the winter. That could leave you without heat when you need it the most, meaning you’ll have to schedule emergency repairs. You can avoid such scenarios by getting your furnace ready for the Indianapolis area’s winter temperatures with the following tips.

Switch Your Thermostat to Heating

Test that your home is furnace ready by switching your thermostat to heating and raising the temperature by a few degrees. The heat should turn on. If it doesn’t do so within a minute and you’ve confirmed that the power to the system is on, there could be a problem with the wire connections or components such as the furnace fan or the blower. An HVAC specialist can help you locate the problem.

Change the Furnace Filter

To be furnace ready, it’s important to start winter with a fresh furnace filter. A clean filter will effectively trap indoor pollutants while facilitating sufficient airflow. Replacing your filter regularly will keep airborne particles out of your critical furnace components and help extend your system’s useful life. Change your filter every month or so.

Clean the Area Around the Furnace

Your furnace needs to breathe to operate safely and smoothly. Keep the area around it clear of debris and clutter. You can also remove the unit’s front panel to ensure that no insects or rodents are nesting in the compartment. You can remove dust from the unit’s components with a soft brush or a vacuum attachment.

Schedule a Seasonal Maintenance Check

Just like other mechanical systems, your furnace requires routine maintenance to keep it working at its best. During a maintenance check, your HVAC technician will perform a variety of tasks to ensure smooth operation during the winter months, such as cleaning the burners, inspecting the piping to your furnace, and testing the system. Doing this will help the technician catch potential problems while they’re easier and cheaper to fix.

Getting your furnace ready for the winter will not only help prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns, it will also save you money on your utility bills. If you need furnace repair or maintenance in the Indianapolis area, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.