Investing in Climate Control for Your GarageHave you ever thought about adding climate control to your garage? There are many benefits to finishing the garage so that you can add some type of heating and cooling system that it may be worth looking into.

Benefits of a Climate-Controlled Garage

An add-on to your home can be expensive, and it can be uncertain if the payoff in resale value will offset the cost. So a good alternative may be to renovate your garage and turn all that square footage into living space. Or, even if you still want to keep your car(s) and store your extra possessions in there, you can have the advantage of avoiding the temperature swings that occur in winter and summer, and the harm extreme heat or cold may cause to your cars and other things.

Some other benefits:

  1. The value of your home can go up when you have a finished garage space.
  2. In our region, where we experience high humidity, sometimes blistering heat and numbing cold, climate control allows you to use the garage for additional activities, such as an exercise room, a meditation space or a “man cave” as a get-away space.
  3. When the garage is well insulated, air sealed and climate controlled, you don’t have to worry about storing precious possessions there, for fear insects and humidity are going to ruin them.

Heating and Cooling the Garage

You will have several options for heating and cooling the garage.

  1. After finishing the space, extend the ductwork from your current HVAC system. This can be tricky and expensive so discuss this step carefully with your HVAC consultant before embarking on it.
  2. Install a ductless mini-split. These heat pumps do not require ducts. They include an air handler and an outdoor compressor, and are an often ideal solution for heating and cooling a separate living space.
  3. Install a window air conditioner and use space heaters. This isn’t ideal as far as providing efficient heating and cooling, but it may make the temperatures in the garage tolerable.

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