Clear Out the Dust and Improve Indoor Air Quality at HomeDo you or someone in your household suffer from allergies or asthma? Even if the answer is no, there’s always a need to improve indoor air quality in your home to prevent respiratory problems. Dust is a large contributing factor to breathing issues, so we suggest that you follow these tips to alleviate its accumulation in your home.

Upgrade the Air Filter

Every HVAC system comes equipped with an air filter that must be changed every few months, on average. Standard filters, however, don’t do a great job at filtering the air that runs through it. Upgrading this filter will help control dust and other harmful particles from entering your air.

Change the Flooring

Carpets are notorious for holding dust, which gets spread around as people walk across it. A great way to tackle this issue is to replace carpet with an alternative flooring option such as tile or laminate. These won’t hold dust and are easy to clean.

Choose the Right Vacuum

If you insist on keeping the carpet, make sure you’re using a vacuum that gets the job done. Purchasing one with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is a must, but you also need to make sure that the vacuum has a powerful agitator.

Beat Rugs and Cushions Clean

Vacuuming rugs and cushions can be a tedious and often ineffective process. Instead, take them outside, drape them over a fence or something similar, and give them a good beating with a broom or other object.

Use the Right Type of Cloth

Many homeowners still use the feather duster as part of their cleanup regimen. The more effective alternative is to use either a damp rag or electrostatic cloth. Both of these will pick up dust without the fear of spreading it around, which is a common problem with feather dusters.

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