Indoor Air Quality Leave Something To Be Desired? Some HVAC Upgrades That Will Make A DifferenceMany homes have poor indoor air quality resulting from a wide range of sources. Heating sources including oil and gas appliances, smoking, cleaning products, wood products, carpet, asbestos and outdoor pollution are just some of the things that may contribute to sub-par indoor air quality. When the temperatures heat up and the humidity rises, you may notice the poor air quality even more, especially if you have allergies, respiratory problems or skin sensitivity.

Fortunately, your HVAC technician can help you find proven solutions to improve indoor air quality. The first is providing adequate ventilation. When temperatures are mild, opening windows will help improve ventilation and circulation in your home. But in the seasonal climate of Indiana, most of the year is spent with the air conditioning or heating on, so opening windows is not an option. Attic fans and exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms help to bring in fresh air. Whole house ventilation systems are a more comprehensive solution that can improve air quality all year long.

Controlling the humidity levels in your home will also improve air quality. Low levels of humidity in the winter, when forced-air heat dries out the air, can contribute to the spread of viruses and make your skin feel dry and itchy. High humidity during the cooling season can increase the risk of mold and mildew getting a foothold in your home. Invest in whole-house humidity control to improve your indoor air quality.

A number of air-cleaning and filtration systems can be installed right into your existing HVAC system. They trap airborne particles more effectively than standard furnace filters, and overall are easier and less expensive to run than portable filtration units that only work in one room. They require little maintenance other than light cleaning and regular filter changes.

If your home has odors, feels too dry or too moist, or if you suffer from itchy dry skin or allergies, please contact us at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We can help to find affordable solutions to keep your Indianapolis area home’s indoor air quality at its best.

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