I left an email request for a service call on a weekend to repair my gas logs, and to consider a service agreement on my Heating/AC.  They (Becky) called Monday morning, very pleasant, and had a technician (Ron) at my home yet that morning.  He quickly identified and repaired the problem with the gas logs, cleaning everything as he went.  Then he asked to take a look at  my furnace and asked if I had had a fall service visit.  Thank goodness he did, because I had had it “repaired” by my old service company two months ago, and they didn’t reconnect a hose properly.  It was leaking water; causing some rust and water on the floor.  Ron was able to identify the problem and fixed it within a few minutes.  He also talked with me about the filters I was using, recommending a different type to cause less stress on the blower fan, and then told me how to more effectively use the fan setting on the thermostat to help the furnace fan to better balance heating/cooling in the house.  The service was excellent.  Needless to say, I signed a service agreement immediately.  I’d give them an A++ if that was possible!

Cynthia V.