HVAC System Estimate: Key Questions to AskIf the time has come to replace your heating or cooling equipment, you’ll want to obtain an HVAC system estimate. Asking the contractor you’re considering the following questions can help ensure that you get estimates that meet your needs:

How is Equipment Capacity Determined?

For your new equipment to operate efficiently and perform reliably, it needs to be sized to match the unique characteristics of your home. Good contractors know this, so they perform a load calculation using Manual J, and then use Manual S to select the ideal equipment for your needs.

Does My Ductwork Need Updating?

Depending on the condition and design of your existing ductwork system, it may need replacement to maintain balanced system airflow and prevent costly conditioned air losses. A knowledgeable HVAC contractor will advise you that they’ll determine if the ductwork needs replacement by inspecting it and using Manual D software.

Should I Compare Equipment at Different Efficiencies?

An experienced HVAC pro won’t just give you a single efficiency option. Rather, they’ll provide data on the upfront vs. lifetime costs for models at various efficiency levels that match your budget. This allows you make an informed choice on whether to opt for higher-end equipment that offers greater long-term energy savings.

Do You Offer Service Agreements?

The service offered by an HVAC company should extend beyond an equipment installation to include preventive maintenance and necessary repairs. Any installer you consider hiring should offer maintenance agreements that give you peace of mind if an issue arises with your HVAC equipment and you need emergency or after-hour service.

Do You Offer Equipment Financing?

Reputable HVAC contractors know that purchasing new HVAC equipment is a big investment for many homeowners, so they partner with trustworthy lenders in order to offer their customers different financing alternatives. If you inquire about financing, an HVAC contractor should offer you options and explain how to apply.

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