Have a Professional Inspect the HVAC System Before You Buy a New HomeIf you’re like most other home buyers, you wouldn’t consider purchasing a newly built or existing home without having an inspection performed. The inspection report provides vital details about the condition of structural components like the roof, foundation, windows and doors, as well as whether the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems are operational. Unfortunately, most home inspections won’t tell you much about the actual condition of the various HVAC system components. Having an HVAC inspection performed by an experienced professional is the best way to prevent future headaches and expenses due to the following issues.

Deficient HVAC Equipment

A home inspector’s investigation of the HVAC system usually only involves starting it up to check that the air conditioner or furnace cycles on. The seller’s disclosure may not give you much information either, because they may not be aware of specific defects. In comparison, a thorough HVAC inspection provides an in-depth assessment of all system components. You’ll learn if the equipment is properly sized for the home, its age, how well it’s been maintained and if it’s operating efficiently.

Unplanned Equipment Replacements

Trusting in a general home inspection report that tells you the heating and cooling equipment starts up can leave you vulnerable to unpleasant and potentially expensive surprises once you’ve moved into a new home. If a serious issue with an HVAC component results in a breakdown or failure, you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience of an unexpected repair or replacement. Without knowing for certain whether the problem started prior to closing, you’ll have to cover the cost yourself.

Health and Safety Issues

In addition to helping you save money, learning the condition of the HVAC system can also erase any worry about problems like backdrafting, insufficient ventilation, mold growth, cracked heat exchangers and ductwork deficiencies. You’ll have peace of mind that your family is protected from possible carbon monoxide poisoning, and exposure to biological contaminants and allergens that can have serious health repercussions.

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