Imagine turning on your HVAC system, only to catch a whiff of something foul through your air vents. It’s not uncommon for bad odors to take hold of HVAC systems. Most of the time, the culprit is unchecked mold, mildew and bacteria buildup within the unit, spurred on by the dark and damp conditions inside.

So how can you go about eliminating odors from your HVAC system? The following offers a few effective solutions.

Use a Better Air Filter

Although changing your air filter can go a long way towards eliminating odors, you may need to go a step further. Upgrading to a high-efficiency air filter with a higher MERV rating than your previous filter can help regulate and eventually eliminate bad odors.

High-efficiency air filters are capable of removing finer contaminants from your indoor air, including the bacteria and mold spores that contribute to bad odors. You can go even further by installing an activated carbon air filter, which also absorbs odors.

Break Out the Air Purifier

You can also use an air purifier to remove odors as well as the bacteria and mold spores that cause them. Air purifiers can also remove cooking odors as well as odors caused by cleaning chemicals.

A portable air purifier allows you to remove odors on a room-by-room basis. A whole-home air purifier, in contrast, can purify the air in your entire home in a shorter amount of time.

Clean Your HVAC Unit Inside and Out

At the end of the day, giving your HVAC unit a thorough cleaning is the best way to eliminate unwanted odors. This includes the evaporator coil – a common area of mold, mildew and dirt buildup. You can do this yourself or have a trained technician take care of it during your annual service.

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