What You Should Look for in HVAC Customer ServiceYou know the basics of good customer service, including patience, attentiveness, courtesy, good communication skills and knowledge of the product. But these go for any industry. What about HVAC industry-specific customer service? Sure, it can encompass many things, but here are a few basics you should probably be looking for next time you hire an HVAC consultant.

Quick Response

HVAC companies that say they’re available 24/7 should be. Your emergency should be their emergency. With mobile technology, there are few reasons why a company shouldn’t be able to respond to your call for help quickly, and let you know if it’s possible to send out a technician right away, or when someone will be available. GPS tracking can also help the HVAC consultant have a better idea which technician is closest to the customer to shorten response time.

Well-stocked Inventory

Even when a technician is quick on the scene, without the right parts, your emergency may go unaddressed for an unacceptable number of hours. Modern inventory programs are readily available to HVAC contractors that allow easy tracking and quick re-ordering, so you should expect your contractor to either have the right parts when he arrives at your home, or have quick access to them.

Mobile Apps

The duties of HVAC salespeople and technicians have traditionally been divided, and though that mostly makes good business sense, the lines are blurring a bit with technology. With the right app, a technician could answer some questions on site, providing quick information on mobile quotes, warranties, service agreements and inventory levels.

Good Follow-up

A contractor who is not concerned about online ratings just hasn’t joined the 21st century. Sure, word of mouth is still important, but people do check internet ratings on such sites as Yelp and others. An HVAC consultant should have a strategy for following up after an installation or repair, by calling, asking you to fill out an online customer service survey, or texting you and getting your response on customer satisfaction.

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