How You Can Ready the Air Conditioner for the Off SeasonAs the fall season and cooler weather arrive in the Indianapolis area, you may be ready to shut down your air conditioner for the off season. However, your A/C needs to be prepped for winter hibernation with a few cleaning tasks, which may also help boost heating efficiency in the coming months.

Fresh Air Filter

Your air conditioner relies on the air filter to capture airborne debris that can damage internal parts and reduce efficiency. So, the first task to prepare your A/C for the off season is to check the filter. If it’s dirty, change it. A dirty or clogged filter can increase cooling (and heating) costs by up to 10 percent.

Clean the Coils

Dirt and debris stick to the condensation that forms on the evaporator coil like a magnet. Even though the coil should have been cleaned during spring HVAC maintenance, it’s very likely to be dirty once again — especially if the coil sits atop your furnace.

  • Browse your home store for a spray-on foaming coil cleaner.
  • Remove the panels to the air handler and coil compartment.
  • Completely cover the coil and fins with the foaming cleaner.
  • If you use a self-rinsing spray, the foam will carry the dirt, grime, and debris with it into the condensate pan.

Condensate Drain

As long as you have the coil and drainage compartment exposed, go ahead and pour a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water into the condensate pan. This will kill micro-organisms in the pan and drain line, and help prevent water overflows.

Outdoor Unit

Use the same spray-on coil cleaner on the outside condenser coil located behind the side grilles of the outdoor unit. Let the foam soak in for 15 or twenty minutes, and wash it clean with a garden hose.

Clear away grass clippings, pine needles, sticks and any other debris from around and inside the outdoor unit. Cover the unit with a waterproof covering to protect it through the winter.

If you have questions about preparing your air conditioner for the off season, contact the professionals at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today for assistance.
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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “peggy_marco/Pixabay”