How to Winterize Your HVACThe falling temperatures here in Indianapolis signal that the time has come again to winterize your HVAC. To protect all your system components from winter damage, and ensure that your home stays comfortably warm, you should take the following steps:

Maintain Good Airflow and Air Quality

Taking care of some basic HVAC tasks now can help avert airflow restrictions and maintain better air quality when your heating system is operating. First, put in a new HVAC air filter, then clean your heating registers by taking off and wiping down the vent covers, and vacuuming inside every duct opening. Lastly, check that all the registers are completely open, and that nothing is obstructing your return air grilles.

Look After the Outdoor Components

When you have a split-system central air conditioner, it’s wise to shut down the flow of electricity to the outdoor portion so it won’t get damaged if the thermostat is accidentally switched to cooling over the winter. Just shut off its breaker in your electrical panel, then flip the cut-off switch that’s outside near the unit. To protect the outdoor component from falling ice damage, cover it with a board that’s weighed down with a brick or patio stone.

Tidy Up Around the Outside Unit

Piles of fallen leaves or other yard debris by the outdoor unit can make it look more attractive as a nesting spot with rodents and other pests. To discourage pests from settling in, trim and remove any surrounding dead vegetation, and vacuum or sweep any collected debris from inside the cabinet.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

For peace of mind that your heating system is working reliably and safely, schedule professional HVAC maintenance before it gets much colder. A skilled pro can inspect the furnace and make sure that critical items like the blower, electrical components, heat exchanger and vent system are in good repair. If you own a heat pump, they’ll clean the coils, verify the refrigerant level, and check that the defrost cycle is functioning properly.

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