If you have high cooling bills, you may think that your old AC unit is to blame. This could be the case if your AC is eight years old or older. However, even if you have high energy bills, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your AC unit isn’t energy efficient. In truth, there are several factors that directly impact AC performance and efficiency, and these factors ultimately define an energy efficient AC unit. 

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

You may have heard of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, as a way to measure AC energy efficiency. The SEER number of an AC unit (or heat pump unit) represents the cooling efficiency of the unit over an entire season. The minimum SEER for residential split-system ACs in Indianapolis is SEER 13. If you really want an energy efficient AC unit, you may want to consider the Lennox SL28XCV, which delivers up to SEER 28 for one of the most energy efficient AC systems available.

Load Calculation

The cooling load placed on your AC unit must be considered when weighing whether you’re dealing with an energy efficient AC unit. The primary component of a load calculation for your AC unit is actually the overall energy efficiency of your home. That includes air leakage in the home’s envelope, insulation quality and amount, window characteristics, and more. Your HVAC technician calculates the load using industry standard Manual J.

Good Ductwork Design

Another factor for determining the energy efficiency of your AC or the need for an AC upgrade is the ductwork design. Just as your AC unit must be correctly sized to your home, the air ducts must be correctly sized, designed, and installed to achieve maximum AC energy efficiency. 

Scheduled AC Maintenance

Did you know that your AC unit should be serviced each year? Whether older or brand-new, an AC unit needs professional service from a qualified HVAC technician. Pro service can help prevent breakdowns, help the AC last longer, and make the AC more energy efficient.

If you are considering upgrading to a more energy efficient AC unit, please contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to maximize your investment.