How to Prepare Your Thermostat for Daylight Savings TimeWhen you set your clocks for the end of daylight savings time, there’s another device you won’t want to forget: your programmable thermostat. Adjusting your thermostat for the season ensures you’ll stay comfortable as the cool weather moves into the Indianapolis area.

New Season, New Schedule

Activities tend to change with the seasons, so before you change your thermostat’s schedule for the end of daylight savings time, give some thought to any upcoming changes in your family’s schedule.

For instance, if you’ll no longer be going out for a run after work due to the colder weather, you’ll want the system to turn on a little earlier than previously. If one of your kids will be staying out later for sports practice and no one will be home until 6 p.m., program your thermostat to reflect that so you don’t waste energy heating an empty house.

Comfortable Fall Temperatures

If the daytime temperatures are moderate when daylight savings time ends, but the nights are chilly, program your thermostat to turn on the heat only in the evenings. It’s more efficient to warm up a chilly house than to keep it warm all day.

If you want the house to be a certain temperature when you arrive, set the thermostat to turn on the heat around an hour before you’ll get home. If your schedule is unpredictable, consider upgrading to a Wi-Fi thermostat. This way you can control your home’s temperature from your computer or smartphone no matter where you are.

When the days turn colder, somewhere between 65 and 72 degrees is an efficient temperature for when you’re home and awake. For the times you plan to be out or in bed, though, lower the thermostat setting to between 58 and 62 degrees. Every degree you reduce the thermostat temperature for at least 8 hours can cut 1 to 3 percent off your heating expenses.

Use the end of daylight savings time as an opportunity to maintain your comfort by adjusting your programmable thermostat to reflect seasonal changes in both the weather and in your schedule.

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