HVAC Technician

The risks of doing some HVAC tasks on your own far outweigh the costs of hiring a trained HVAC technician. Knowing what you can do on your own and what requires professional assistance is essential. Keep reading to learn more.

When You Can DIY

Some of the simple HVAC projects you can do yourself include:

  • Cleaning the visible components. You can safely clean your HVAC system’s visible parts, such as the outside condensing unit. Trim any plants or vegetation around the unit and leave at least 2 feet of clear space around it.
  • Changing the air filter. You can easily remove the existing air filter if it’s dirty or clogged and mount a new one on your own.
  • Insulating your house. Proper insulation improves your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. You can follow the federal Energy Star program’s guide to insulate your home adequately.

When to Call an HVAC Technician

The following tasks are best left to a professional HVAC technician:

  • New-system installation. Installing a heating system or air conditioner requires professional knowledge and skills. A professional technician will correctly calculate the appropriate-size unit for your home and install the unit properly. Remember that manufacturers usually require that HVAC equipment be installed by licensed technicians for them to retain their warranty benefits.
  • Heating and AC repairs. HVAC systems comprise complex components and connections. If you attempt to perform repairs yourself, you could easily do more damage. HVAC professionals have the necessary training to understand your system’s complexity and use quality tools and parts to get the job done right.
  • Annual maintenance. When it comes to maintenance, especially of interior HVAC components, you should leave the task to trained technicians. Maintenance is critical to the performance, efficiency, and longevity of your system, so it’s essential to have it done properly. An HVAC company will keep maintenance logs that will help ensure the manufacturer’s warranty remains in effect.

Hiring an HVAC professional is an excellent way to keep your heating and cooling system working at optimal levels and extend its life span. Contact the certified HVAC technicians at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for your HVAC needs in the Indianapolis area.