Solid Insulation

Insulation is important for your home comfort at any time of year. It slows the flow of heat, keeping hot air out during the summer and keeping it in during the winter. Your home may be insulated, but insulation degrades over time. How can you be sure you have enough? Here are a few things to look for.

Insulation Tests

There are several tests to determine if your home has solid insulation. The most basic is the comfort test. Is your home comfortable? Does conditioned air seem evenly distributed throughout the house? Are only some rooms warm enough while others are too cold? Are there drafts throughout the house? Are your energy bills consistently too high?

These issues can indicate a variety of possible issues, but poor insulation is one of them. A more direct indicator is the touch test. On a cold, rainy day, go around the house and touch the walls, floors, ceilings, etc. If they feel warm and dry, you have good insulation. If they feel cold or clammy, then your insulation is poor.

Dangers of Poor Insulation

Solid insulation is about more than just comfort. If you don’t have solid insulation in your attic, heat will escape via the roof. The snow on the roof melts and flows into your rain gutters, where it freezes again, causing ice dams. These ice dams can damage your roof, causing shingles to come loose and water to leak into your attic.

Even if your attic is properly insulated, the rest of your house may be lacking. If your walls aren’t well insulated, it can cause your pipes to freeze and burst. This not only causes serious damage to your home, it can also lead to water leaks and mold growth.

If you suspect your home may need better insulation, call your HVAC technician. They’ll check everything thoroughly to determine where you need insulation, what kind, and how best to install it to keep your home comfortable, safe, and efficient.

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