How to Keep Attic Safety Top PriorityAdding insulation in your attic is an effective way to make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills. For our climate zone, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends insulating the attic floor up to R-60 to reap the greatest benefit.

Insulating your attic in the wintertime eliminates risks like dehydration and heat exhaustion, but whether you’re tackling the job yourself or hiring a pro, you still need to prioritize attic safety by:

Using Proper Protective Gear

Anyone who heads up to work in your attic should wear protective gear to safeguard against the many injury hazards it contains. Durable clothing that covers the arms and legs, and a helmet or rugged cap are required attire. Safety goggles and gloves to protect eyes and hands are important too, as well as a respirator to keep from inhaling insulation fibers, mold and other unhealthy particles.

Creating Walking Paths

Adding sturdy walkways on your attic floor will make it easier and safer to access all the areas you’re insulating. To do so, clear any obstacles from your chosen pathways, then put down three 1×4 boards side-by-side to form a walkway. Be sure to screw or nail down the ends of each one, so the boards don’t slip or wobble.

Avoiding Electrical Shocks

An attic often contains various electrical hazards that can cause shocks or even electrocution, so you need to do a thorough check for obvious and hidden issues before you begin insulating. Look for hazards like damaged or gnawed wires, unsecured wiring at floor level, and open junction boxes, and have any problems fixed by a licensed electrician.

Lighting Up the Work Space

Ample visibility is vital in order to work safely in an attic. If your attic just has a couple of single bulbs for lighting, consider having an electrician add more. Another option is putting one or more portable work lights and appropriately-rated extension cords in the attic that will provide movable illumination for every area that needs insulating.

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