How to Fix Cold SpotsDo you need a blanket when you sit down in your favorite chair to watch TV, despite the fact the rest of the house is warm? Maybe your bathroom is too chilly, so that you always have to turn on a space heater to feel comfortable. Those cold spots in your home are not just uncomfortable, they can also drive up your utility bill as you try to eliminate them.

Here are some tips on cold spots and how to fix them:

Why Some Spots Are Colder Than Others

1. Ductwork is Inadequate

Ductwork is seldom the right size for the capacity of the HVAC system, nor is it often designed right to deliver the conditioned air as it should. These flaws may result in spots in the home that are too cold or too hot. The remedy could be to reconfigure or replace the ductwork with a design that is better suited to the HVAC system, but that’s expensive. You could add some type of auxiliary heating to warm the spot, such as baseboard heating or a mini-split system.

2. Ductwork is Damaged

If your ductwork has come loose or has cracks and holes in it, it is probably leaking air. Have the HVAC technician check it and repair it as needed. This might also be a good time to insulate the ductwork, which will improve heating in the home.

3. HVAC isn’t Sized Right

The HVAC system in most homes is likely under- or over-sized. When the capacity is too small, the system runs all the time, inadequately conditioning the air. When it’s too big, the system short cycles — turning on and off, inadequately heating and cooling. The best remedy is to replace the system with the right-sized HVAC, along with properly designed ductwork that is also the right size for the system. A zoned system, with individual thermostats that control each zone in the house, might also be a remedy.

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