How to Ensure You Have Good HVAC AirflowIt takes a certain amount of airflow through the HVAC system’s supply and return ducts to maintain the comfort level in your home. Good HVAC airflow can help you avoid problems like:

  • Hot and cold spots in some rooms
  • Whistling noises, odd drafts and doors closing on their own caused by pressure imbalances
  • Inconsistent or weak airflow from your supply registers
  • Problems maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature

Common Reasons for Airflow Problems

A properly-functioning comfort system should send a specific amount of air out through each supply vent, and then return an equal volume to the HVAC equipment for reconditioning. An upset in this balance that results in insufficient system airflow can have a number of possible causes, like:

  • Obstructed airflow at the condenser unit that interferes with proper heat transfer, making home cooling more difficult and less efficient.
  • Blocked or closed air vents or return registers that causes an unbalance of airflow within the system.
  • A dirty air filter that decreases the system’s efficiency.
  • Leaky, damaged or disconnected ductwork, which results in conditioned air losses.
  • Ineffective ductwork design that causes temperature variations between rooms.
  • Dirt build up on the coils, which adversely affects the heat transfer process and the system’s cooling abilities.
  • A too-slow blower fan that causes coil icing and a decline in the system’s conditioned air output.
  • Oversized equipment capacity, which results in chronic short cycling, and poor temperature and humidity control.

What’s Involved in Ensuring Good HVAC Airflow

Checking for proper HVAC airflow is a complicated, time-consuming procedure. There are flow rates, velocity and delivered air volume calculations to be made, as well as computing the quantity of air being sent over the coil by the blower fan. The resulting figures then need to be compared to the equipment manufacturer’s specs to find inconsistencies.

An HVAC professional has the specialized equipment and skills required to take accurate airflow measurements and locate trouble spots, then advise you about the correct solutions to fix any issues they identify.

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