A sudden water leak can be unnerving. If you can’t immediately detect where moisture is coming from, it can be a cause for panic, as the possibility of water damage presents itself. Here are some possible sources of a sudden water leak:

A puddle near the air conditioner.

One common type of sudden water leak is from the air conditioner’s condensate drain. Telltale signs are dripping sounds inside the AC cabinet, excess dampness inside the cabinet, as well as a pool of water on the floor. The condensate line becomes plugged up with dirt, dust, lint, and other materials that form a kind of sludge, blocking the flow of condensation away from the HVAC. It needs to be cleaned out periodically with bleach to ensure the line stays open, or it can overflow. If you’re not up to cleaning out the line, call your HVAC technician as soon as possible.

Leaks under the sink.

A common plumbing leak can occur in the pipes under your bathroom or kitchen sink. A sure sign will be damp cabinet floors and a musty odor. Pipes, fittings, or appliances may need to be replaced to stop the leak. It’s important to fix this leak (and all leaks) as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew — and, possibly, ruining wood and drywall. Turn the water off at the valve in the bathroom or kitchen until you can call for service.

Frozen pipes.

In our region, frozen pipes are a major concern. Once a frozen pipe thaws, the pipe may crack and allow water to gush out and ruin wood, drywall, and furnishings. To prevent frozen pipes, always leave the heat on during cold spells. Wrap pipes located in exterior walls in insulation or heat tape. If you have frozen pipes, shut off the water at the main valve and thaw the pipes with a space heater, and call your plumber.

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