Over time, the dust in your home builds up on your vent covers, as well as in the vents themselves. As air passes through the vents, that dust then gets circulated through your home, lowering your indoor air quality. You can minimize this buildup by dusting and vacuuming regularly and changing your air filters when necessary. Still, once or twice a year, it’s important to do a deep clean of your air vents. Here’s how.

Cleaning Your Vent Covers

Start by turning off your HVAC system. Then, take a screwdriver and remove the covers from each of your air vents. Put all the screws into a bag or other container and put them aside so you don’t lose them. If the vent covers are different sizes, be sure to keep track of which cover goes with which vent.

Using a brush and warm, soapy water, clean the dirt off of each of the covers. Then rinse them off and set them on a rack to dry for an hour or two.

Air Vents and Duct Cleaning

While the vent covers are drying, you can start on the actual vents. Take a vacuum with a hose attachment and vacuum inside each vent as far as you can reach. You can also use an electrostatic mop that will attract dirt and that has a long handle that can get all the way into the vents. Once the cleaning is done, replace each of the covers and turn the system back on.

What about professional duct cleaning? Some experts recommend having your ducts thoroughly, professionally cleaned every eight to 10 years. However, the EPA says it isn’t necessary except in extreme circumstances. If there’s mold or mildew growing inside your ducts or insects or other vermin living in them, or if the dust buildup actually obstructs airflow from the system, then call for a professional cleaning. Otherwise, a periodic DIY job is just fine — and much cheaper.

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