How to Be Cost-Effective Through Energy SavingsDid income tax season put a squeeze on your budget? If so, using your HVAC to lower your household energy bills is a good way to help your finances recover. Here are some suggestions on how to reap cost-effective energy savings this spring and summer.

Establish Saving-Wise Thermostat Settings

Fiddling with your thermostat’s temperature settings can waste costly energy. To save energy instead, program the thermostat with reasonable temperature settings for periods when you’re at home and active, and away or sleeping. By establishing these automatic set back periods, you’ll save up to 10 percent on HVAC-related energy use.

Use Your Ceiling Fans to Feel Cooler

The air movement created by a ceiling fan’s spinning blades can make a body feel cooler. Running your fans in tandem with the cooling system can allow you to raise the temperature setting by up to four degrees without sacrificing comfort. Make sure the blades spin counter-clockwise, and always shut off the fan when you exit a room.

Maintain Good HVAC Airflow

Insufficient airflow is sure to make your HVAC system operation less energy efficient. To maintain good airflow, always keep the registers free from obstructions, and the supply vent louvers fully open. Inspect your air filter every month as well, and replace it when there’s any sign of debris accumulation.

Cook Outdoors on the Grill

Using the kitchen range and oven generates a lot of extra heat, and to compensate, your cooling system has to work harder and use more energy. To lower the HVAC’s workload and save energy instead, fire up the grill and cook outdoors whenever possible.

Control Solar Heat Gain

Solar heat entering through the windows can add 25-30 percent to your cooling system’s energy consumption. You can minimize that energy waste by investing in insulated window treatments. As a bonus, having insulated window coverings you can close at night can help limit heat loss through the glass in the winter, and help you save on heating costs too.

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