If you have some furry members of your family, then you definitely know that pet hair can become an issue. Let’s take a look at how pet hair can affect your HVAC system’s efficiency, along with some simple tips on how to reduce its effects.

Does Pet Hair Affect HVAC Efficiency?

Your HVAC system relies on many different components to run efficiently, one of which is the air filter. When pet fur and dander get out of hand, it can clog up your filter and hurt your equipment’s performance. This causes the system to run longer than it needs to, which will ultimately take years off its operational life span.

Tips to Deal with Pet Fur and Dander

Pet fur and dander may be able to clog up your air filter, but hope isn’t lost. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep everything running smoothly:

Vacuum Every Week

Pet fur gets trapped by carpet fibers and then kicked up whenever you walk around. You should vacuum your floor at least once a week (preferably two or three times a week) to reduce the amount of fur and dander that gets into the air.

Use a High-Quality Filter

Not all air filters are created equal. While you might be able to get away with a lower-quality filter when you don’t have a pet, this won’t suffice when you have a furry friend around. Investing in a high-quality filter will help fix the problem.

Brush and Wash Your Pets

The best way to cut down on the amount of pet fur and dander that makes it to your air filter is to brush and wash your pets on a regular basis. Brushing should actually be done every day, especially if your dog or cat is a long-haired breed. Washing should be done once or twice per week, depending on how dirty they get and how much fur they have.

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