How Dangerous is a Space Heater?A space heater offers a quick, convenient and energy-efficient way to keep your room warm and comfortable. However, it can also be as dangerous as it is helpful, with space heaters being linked to over 25,000 house fires and 6,000 emergency room visits each year.

Space heaters are often available in electric form. Most electric space heaters work by convection, where circulating air passes near or through the heating element. Some heaters rely on radiant heating for their performance. The biggest dangers of using electric space heaters often involve exposure to moisture and improper usage.

Using the space heater can be dangerous, but only if you fail to take the proper safety precautions. Safety is always paramount when using space heaters, so you should always follow the following tips to keep you and your family out of harm’s way:

  • Only buy space heaters that offer the latest safety features, including an oxygen depletion sensor and an anti-tip feature that turns the heater off if it happens to tip over.
  • Make sure your heater features the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) logo. This way, you’ll know that your heater’s performance and construction meets safety guidelines.
  • Place your heater on a level floor surface to prevent it from tipping over. You should also keep it away from any major foot traffic.
  • Keep all flammable materials, such as paper, plastics and flammable liquids, away from the heater.
  • Always keep your children and pets away from the heater.
  • Never use extension cords to operate an electric heater, as the cords could overheat, resulting in a fire.

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