Cold weather can make toilet pipes freeze because they’re usually fitted to outside walls. These exterior walls transmit the cold from outside, making the pipes susceptible to freezing. So how do you handle frozen toilet pipes? The solution depends on whether it’s the supply pipes or drain pipes that are frozen.

Frozen Supply Pipes

The supply pipes bring water to your toilet. If you have a frozen toilet pipe, you’ll only manage to flush your toilet once with the water in the tank. Once you flush, fresh water will not refill the toilet tank due to the frozen supply line.

If you want to use the toilet again while the pipes are frozen, you’ll have to get a bucket of water from elsewhere and pour it into the tank to refill it manually. Alternatively, you could flush the toilet by pouring the water into the bowl directly after you’ve used the toilet.

Frozen Drain Pipes

Drain pipes take the wastewater out of the toilet. If they’re frozen, avoid flushing your toilet. Flushing makes the water back up in the toilet bowl, and it may eventually spill onto the floor.

One effective solution to help unfreeze the ice in the drain pipe is to pour hot water into the toilet bowl. Thawing the pipes near the toilet will also help unfreeze your toilet pipe. Open the faucets nearby and begin thawing the pipes close to the faucets. For the pipes inside your home, you could open the cabinet doors hiding them and then turn up the indoor heat.

You can wrap slightly thawed pipes in rags and pour hot water on them continuously. Alternatively, you could thaw frozen sections of a frozen toilet pipe by moving a hair dryer across them.

Be extra cautious when fixing frozen toilet pipes to avoid damaging them. To avoid causing further damage, you can hire a professional who will not only fix the existing problem but also prevent similar issues from recurring. If you’re an Indianapolis-area resident, contact the plumbing and drain-cleaning professionals at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to handle all your plumbing issues.