tankless water heaterA tankless water heater comes equipped with an electric element or a gas burner to heat your water directly, without using a storage tank. Keep reading to find out what you stand to gain by installing one in your home.

Energy Savings

A tankless heater heats water only when you need it to, rather than always maintaining a full tank of hot water. It eliminates the standby heat loss associated with standard tank-type water heaters. As a result, it achieves greater efficiency.


A tankless unit costs more upfront than a conventional storage-tank unit, but it usually lasts longer. Most tankless models have a life span of 20 years or more. What’s more, their easily replaceable components can expand their life expectancy by several years. On the contrary, conventional water heaters last only 10 to 15 years.

The longer life span and lower operating costs of tankless units help offset their higher initial costs. However, in some cases, some heaters, such as electric models, can last for less than 10 years or require costly repairs. As a result, the energy savings may not pay back the purchase and installation costs.

Endless Hot Water

A tankless water heater delivers hot water continuously. You won’t have to lose time waiting for enough hot water to fill up a storage tank.

It’s worth mentioning that simultaneous demands for hot water can significantly limit the flow rate. For example, running your dishwasher while you take a shower can overwhelm your tankless unit. You can solve this problem by installing separate tankless heaters for those appliances that use plenty of hot water.

Space Savings

Due to the need for thicker insulation, newer, storage water heaters are bulkier than older ones. If you decide to install a tankless heater, space won’t be an issue. The size of a gas tankless heater is close to that of a suitcase. You can hang the heater on a wall. Electric units can even be installed in small closets and under sinks.

If you choose to purchase a tankless water heater, make sure you optimize its energy efficiency and extend its life through proper installation and periodic maintenance. If you’re still unsure whether a tankless unit is right for your house, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing for expert assistance. We offer a full range of traditional and tankless water heaters to homeowners in the Indianapolis area.