When you’re smack in the middle of the bitter winter weather, it’s key to know that your furnace is operating at peak efficiency so that you and your loved ones stay warm and cozy, your heating bills stay manageable, and your furnace doesn’t suffer too much wear and tear. How, you might ask, is this possible? You should consider a variable-speed blower motor.

The term variable speed refers to the fact that this type of furnace blower does not operate at only one speed, like a single-stage furnace blower. This, incidentally, is the way that all furnaces used to be made. The furnace would come on, and the fan would blow at a single speed, full strength, and then shut off once the desired temperature was reached. It then would come on again, as needed, and this cycle would continue all winter. However, this is inefficient and costly, not to mention that it impacts indoor air quality significantly. These days, there are more options when it comes to furnace-blower technology, including variable-speed blower motors.

A variable-speed blower motor controls the furnace blower so that it runs at a lower speed once your home reaches your desired temperature. When you turn on the furnace, it starts at a slower speed (approximately 60 percent power). If, after 20 minutes, the system still needs to generate more heat to reach the temperature that you set, it ramps up to 100 percent power until it reaches that temperature.

Benefits Of A Variable-Speed Blower Motor

There are several benefits that you’ll realize from using a variable-speed blower motor, including that they:

  • Heat a home more efficiently, typically using 60 percent less electricity than their single-stage counterparts.
  • Do not switch on and off constantly, which prolongs the life of your furnace.
  • Circulate air continuously, which means that your indoor air quality is better because the air is being filtered continuously.

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