Quality air duct cleaning helps protect the air quality inside your home. All the air in the house circulates multiple times each day through HVAC supply and return ductwork. A negligible amount of common dust may collect in ducts without presenting a significant issue. However, at some point, quality air duct cleaning may be beneficial to indoor air quality as well as to HVAC performance and efficiency. Below are some factors to help you decide if the time has come for quality air duct cleaning.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published guidelines on duct cleaning. The EPA recommends that the procedure should be performed only on an as-needed basis and is not required as part of regular routine maintenance. Ductwork problems that may warrant quality air duct cleaning include:

  • A duct inspection performed by a qualified professional HVAC contractor determines that dust or dirt are present in excessive amounts.
  • Airborne dust is emitted from HVAC supply vents when the AC or furnace is running.
  • Mold growth is present inside ducts. This should be verified by sampling the growth and testing it. 
  • Water from sources like a ruptured pipe or a roof leak has penetrated ductwork. 
  • Rodents, insects, or other vermin are present in ducts.

What’s Involved in Quality Air Duct Cleaning?

The EPA recommends that duct cleaning be performed only by certified HVAC professionals with an established reputation and references. The steps in a typical cleaning procedure include: 

  • All segments of ductwork are accessed and inspected.
  • The entire duct system is cleaned with vacuum wands that utilize high-efficiency HEPA filtration to keep dust out of the living spaces.
  • Where dust and dirt adheres to duct surfaces, brushes may be used to dislodge the material.
  • If mold growth is confirmed, standardized removal and sanitization procedures are followed.
  • Duct joints separated to perform quality air duct cleaning are connected and re-sealed.
  • Because the AC evaporator coil and the system blower fan are exposed to duct airflow, these components should be cleaned also.

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