How a Humidifier Can Help During the WintertimeWinter’s cold temperatures in the Indianapolis area mean that your furnace will be running often. This can make the air inside your home dry enough to be uncomfortable and even trigger health issues. A humidifier helps you maintain a healthy humidity level in your home.

Problems with Low Humidity Levels

Humidity levels inside homes should be between 30 and 50 percent at all times. When you have your heat running during winter, humidity levels can drop below this amount. The air in your home then becomes too dry, which can cause dry skin, nasal and sinus irritation and nose bleeds. It can also make breathing more uncomfortable for those with asthma. Low humidity levels can also end up damaging parts of your home, such as wood floors and paint, and personal belongings, including certain kinds of furniture and some electronics.

Benefits of Humidifiers

Having a humidifier in your home means that you have more control over the humidity level. If the air becomes too dry, the humidifier can increase the humidity in your home. This can help prevent or alleviate problems with dry skin and lower your risk of getting sick from viruses that prefer places with low humidity levels. Humidifiers also make indoor air more comfortable, leading to reduced risk of having a dry nose or irritated throat. In addition, they also lower the amount of static electricity in the air, so you won’t experience unpleasant shocks when touching certain surfaces.

Types of Humidifiers

You can choose a portable humidifier that you can move to different rooms or a whole-house humidifier that humidifies your entire home. Portable humidifiers allow you to control the humidity level in a certain room or part of your home that usually has lower humidity. Whole-house humidifiers help you maintain a comfortable humidity level in all parts of your home around-the-clock. Whole-house humidifiers can also help you heat your home more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

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