What's the Right Way to Control Household Pollutants? Your home is supposed to be your own private sanctuary where you can feel both safe and comfortable. However, household pollutants can negatively affect your family’s health, especially if you’re not aware of their presence. If you learn how to control household pollutants, you can rest assured your home is a healthy space to live in.

How to Control Household Pollutants


  • Use non-toxic household cleaning products whenever possible.
  • Dust your home using a damp cloth, rather than a chemical-based polishing product.
  • Choose water-based products when you can.
  • Follow directions to the tee when using chemical-based products, and only apply the amount you need.
  • Use detergents that are labeled low-phosphate or no-phosphate.
  • Keep toxic chemical products in outside storage containers or securely on shelves in your garage.
  • Don’t pour chemicals down your drains or in the soil.
  • Take unwanted or leftover household chemicals and pesticides to hazardous waste collection centers.


  • Choose low-maintenance plants for your garden to minimize the need of pesticides, fertilizers and water.
  • Grow plants that attract less pests.
  • Allow lawn clippings to remain on your grass, so they can provide needed nutrients naturally. This will also reduce your need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Compost your yard trimmings, so you can feed your garden with nutrients naturally.
  • Test your soil before using fertilizers as over-application is a common problem. These unused chemicals can also make their way into ground water, lakes or rivers.
  • Calibrate your applicator before fertilizing plants or applying pesticides on them as adjustments are typically needed annually throughout the life of such equipment.
  • Clear storm drains and gutters of leaves and other debris.

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