Homeowners: Your Guide to an HVAC ContractAre you thinking of signing an HVAC contract? Such an agreement can provide peace of mind about essential maintenance services, but only when you’re at ease with the contents. Here’s a guide on what a maintenance contract should include to help make your signing decision easier:

What’s Covered and For How Long

A contract should be clear about the specific HVAC system components that are covered, and the coverage period.

Time-frame for Maintenance Visits

While twice a year maintenance visits are typical, a contract needs to spell out the frequency.

What Takes Place During Maintenance

You should see a detailed list of the tasks to be performed during a maintenance visit, so you can compare plan costs and the offerings of different HVAC contractors.

Covered Parts and Labor Charges

Your contract should explain whether just parts and labor for preventive maintenance are covered, or if the agreement includes them for other repairs.

Contract Exclusions

In addition to spelling out what is covered (such as preventive care visits), the contract should also list any exclusions, such as emergency or after-hour charges, labor charges for travel time, a priority scheduling fee or other such extras.

Calculations of Extra Charges

A contract should detail how the cost of repairs not covered under the agreement will be calculated – such as materials and hourly labor charges.

Repair Estimate Procedures

It should be spelled out whether the company takes care of small repairs during a preventive care visit (up to a specific dollar limit), and provides an estimate for your approval for bigger repairs.

Maintenance Visit Scheduling

Your agreement should clarify if the company sends reminders about scheduling maintenance visits, or if you have to remember to call.

Details of Contract Renewals

Are renewals made automatically, or does the agreement lapse and leave you without coverage on the expiration date?

Payment Options

The agreement should tell you whether flexible terms are offered, or there’s a discount if you pay early and in full.

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