The Indianapolis region has water hardness levels that reach well into the classification for very hard water. As a consequence, Indianapolis homeowners face slow water flow, easily clogged sinks and reduced appliance life.

Any water that has more than 180 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved calcium and magnesium is considered very hard. Our water’s mineral content ranges from 200 to 350 ppm throughout the metro area.

The combination of soap and hard water bears some of the blame for clogged drains, while heat and hard water shortens water heater life.

Soap and Hard Water

Soap isn’t nearly as responsive in a hard water environment. It bonds with the hard water forming soap scum. More soap is required to be an effective cleaner. Much of the soapy residue sticks to the drainpipes as it flows downward, which is why bathroom sink clogs are more common than other kinds. It also leaves an unsightly residue on whatever it contacts.

Heat and Hard Water

Heat is a catalyst for the precipitation of the dissolved minerals in hot water. Dishwashers and water heaters are particularly vulnerable to hard water deposits. In areas where water hardness is particularly high, the life of both appliances can be short. It also takes more energy to heat water when there are hard water deposits at the bottom of the water heater or dishwasher. These deposits also hasten corrosion.

Fixing Hard Water Problems

Whole-house water softeners and reverse osmosis systems reduce the mineral content of water, which adds years to appliance life. They also prevent the formation of scale inside supply water pipes throughout, which keeps water pressure high. Over time, scale forms in supply pipes when water is as hard as ours.

You’ll have fewer soap scum deposits, cleaner dishes and clothing, and fewer sink clogs. Hard water tends to turn whites yellow and both water softeners and reverse osmosis reduce the iron content of our water.

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